Company Philosophy

Contribution and mutual prosperity
  • Individually contribute to society through the profession.
  • We aim to be a company, evaluate by customers as a valuable business partner.
  • We aim to grow together with customers and everlasting success.
  • We aim pleasant working environment, target to maximize job satisfaction and make a workplaces which help our employees and their families to achieve happiness.

Company Profile

Company Name Tokai System Co., Ltd.
Company Address
Head Office & Factory
Umeda-Cho 1-26, Shimizu-Ku, Shizuoka Shi , Shizuoka ,
424-0948, Japan
TEL 054-352-4156 FAX 054-352-4159
Okitsu Factory
Okitsu Nakamachi 725-42, Shimizu-Ku, Shizuoka Shi, Shizuoka,
424-0204 Japan
TEL 054-360-3188 FAX 054-360-3189
Oshikiri Factory
Oshikiri 1795, Shimizu-Ku, Shizuoka Shi, Shizuoka,
424-0008 Japan
TEL 054-625-6788 FAX 054-625-6789
Kanbara Factory
Kanbara kogane 415, Shimizu-Ku, Shizuoka Shi, Shizuoka,
421-3212 Japan
TEL 054-376-6388 FAX 054-376-6389
Subsidiary・Affiliated company
Shizuoka High Tech Co., Ltd. Head Office & Factory
Kitawaki Shinden 289, Shimizu-Ku, Shizuoka Shi, Shizuoka,
424-0051 Japan
TEL 054-340-1273 FAX 054-340-1274
Shizuoka Hi-Tech Co.Ltd. Kitawaki Factory
Kitawaki Shinden 309, Shimizu-Ku, Shizuoka Shi, Shizuoka,
424-0051 Japan
TEL 054-376-5899 FAX 054-376-5881
Head Office & Factory
Okitsu Factory
Oshikiri Factory

History ofTokai SystemCorporate History

1955 December Established as Tokai Shoji Co., Ltd. in Minatomachi, Shimizu City.
1956 March Became an agent of Shinko Electric Co., Ltd. and sells generators, electric motors and other electrical components to Miho Shipyard Co., Ltd. and Kawaguchi Iron Works Co., Ltd.
1962 June Started sales of chemical products and delivery to Hitachi, Ltd Shimizu factory.
1969 December The new head office is build in Shimizu-Minatomachi
1985 November Newly build a new chemical processing plant in-house.
1990 December Company name changed to Tokai System Co., Ltd.
1991 November Newly build and relocated to the current location.
2002 August Established a joint venture, Qingdao Marine Tokai Appliances Co., Ltd. in China.
2007 July Established a joint venture, Qingdao Marine Tokai Appliances Co., Ltd. in China.
2008 October Established Shizuoka High Tech Co., Ltd.
2009 February Closed Shanghai East Science & Trading Co., Ltd.
2010 September Shizuoka Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Moved to Okitsu, Shimizu-ku.
2011 August Build Okitsu factory.
2014 June Established Qingdao Hailidonghai Home Appliance Accessories Co., Ltd. in China.
2015 March Newly build Shizuoka High Tech Kitawaki Factory.
2016 December Newly build Oshikiri Factory.
2021 February Shizuoka Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Moved to Kitawaki Shinden, Shimizu-ku.